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CrossFit is not a fad. It’s not a quick fix and definitely not an easy solution. You will work, hard. There will be workouts that can defeat you and workouts that can lift you higher than you’ve been before. Regardless of the type, CrossFit will change your life. Globo gyms, DVDs, personal trainers, boot camps, Zumba, even trampoline jazzercise can help you break a sweat and lose some calories, but CrossFit isn’t about calories. It’s about Community. It’s about changing your body composition and turning weaknesses into strengths. CrossFit is about surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who want something more than just an aesthetic goal. Yes, we can get you to look good naked, but our goal, and the goal of CrossFit as a whole, is to help you become functionally fit and gain physical and mental strength.

Athletes from all walks of life join in the sport of fitness that is CrossFit. 

Communities become filled with athletes who are determined and support each other from start to finish. 

Results are seen, goals accomplished and progress made from every athlete during every workout.

Citizen CrossFit: Athletes. Community. Results.

Workout Of The Day

  • WOD 10/20 " Perceived exertion does not mean you got a great workout!

     Lying on your back panting 5-6 days per week  after each workout does not necessarily equate to you getting a good workout.  Consistency and diet are paramount.  Look for a program that changes things up and is balanced with days that are tough and days that allow your body to recover for the next tough day. Make sense?  If your not happy after that, take an honest look at what your fueling your body with.  

    A. Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

    3 sec pause at bottom of squat

    B. 4 Rounds for total time:

    Run 400 meters

    2 min rest


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